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Manny holding the scythe in his inventory
Name Scythe
Find Spot Already in Manny's possession
Years 1, 2, 3, 4

"My scythe. I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be."

- Manny, when examining the item


The scythe looks like a traditional scythe at first sight. What sets it apart from a real-life scythe is its collapsible shaft and retractable blade, which makes it easily portable.

Role in game[]

The scythe is part of the standard equipment of each salesman working for the Department of Death. It is used to cut open the hulls of newly deceased souls. Only one other character's scythe is seen during the game, however— Domino Hurley's, during his duel with Manny in Year Three.

Over the years, Manny grows attached to his scythe, so he takes it everywhere he goes. It is the first item Manny has in his inventory at the start of the game and is only item that is present in each year. Only during one brief period of time during Year Four is the scythe not in Manny's possession.

It is by far the most useful item in the game. Manny can use it to cut things, retrieve objects and can even use it as a weapon. The player will often have to think of creative ways to use it in order to progress in the game.